Monday, 20 August 2018

28 Years Meredith, From Atlanta, Georgia, United States Wants To Connect

Meredith, From Atlanta, Georgia, USA – Meet Meredith, a 28 Years Meredith, In Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She is seeking a man for friendship and long-term relationship.

This 28 Years beautiful and Kind Meredith is from, Georgia, USA is divorced and has kids so she is not looking to make new babies with you.

I AM LOOKING FOR Looking for someone to make me laugh. I love life and love people. Not into playing games! Interested in honesty, respect, and great friendship (to start it off So)

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  4. I'm yuda mutampuka, let trust each other,not all people are just fack
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  5. Namaste ! Respected Ma`m, :-)

    Thanks a lot...I`m a pure single guy. I`m 42+ yrs (DOB : 07-04-1975) but looks like just 27-29 yrs old just due to regular meditations / yogas / pranayam / with natural vegetarian diets having fresh foods & fruits / vegetables / etc. without using any kind of medicines after 11 yrs old of my life feeling always energetic & blissfulness having athletic body type... I`ve studied "Doctor of Naturopathy & Doctor of Yoga" too. So, I know what / how / when to take any food & follow daily routines... I`m kind from heart, honest, co-operative, trust-worthy, respectable, humanitarian person following my principle myself not hurting anyone... - "Be Happy Always Either in UPS or in downs..." So, It`s my kind request to U that Plz Be Happy & Courageous always... :-) with sweet smile... :-). Smiling is a kind of TONIC for HEALTH. So, Plz Keep Smiling Always... It makes U more Beauty than Before... Really, I felt that U r beautiful, kind & honest naturally looking on ur face. Therefore, Plz don`t feel sad & loneliness if U feel so... Now, U r in The Contact with A Right Person who believes that - "Marriage doesn`t exist gazing at each other but looking towards together in the same direction..." &... "Male and Female are 2 wings of the same bird..." I also feel to have a companion / girl-friend as the best friend / pen-friend with a high respect, heartily love, great co-operation, best-friend / partner understanding each other, 100% trust-worthy without feeling any caste, creed, colour, race, age, area no bar... feeling & Being A World Citizen / Global Citizen as One family of Human Being & All on The Same One Earth enjoying my rights & responsibilities always in any condition... :-) U can be my best-friend as partner if U r ready to settle either in The Beautiful Himalayan Country Nepal or in The Democratic Country India or somewhere else U like & love The Most... I`m from Madhesh, The Plain Area, north of India & south of Nepal now under Nepal Government. I`m living in The Beautiful Hilly Forest Valley - Kathmandu, The Capital of Nepal. I`m The Chairman & Managing Director of Wow Research And Development Project Pvt. Ltd. In my family - Me, my younger brother & mom = 3 people for the same kitchen but We r the part of The Family of The Whole People of The World... :-) U & ur friends / daughter / relatives r most welcome always here in Nepal from my side. So, Plz accept it as my heartily invitation to U & all best friend... Thanks :-) See U soon... :-)

    With lots of pure love, best wishes, high respect, heartily prayers always...

    Yours Sincerely,
    Swami Samrat, PO Box No. - 59, Lalitpur, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.
    Most Welcome To Nepal +977 980 10 00 951 / 980 20 80 786 / 975 10 90 951 (

  6. hi,I am interested,my email address.(

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